Helena Jełowicka


Family Background

Helena Bożeniec-Jełowickah. Brama was born in Sapiechow,Lublin Voivodeship , Poland on 12th February 1870 and died on April 14th 1962 in Pleasantville, USA.  She was the daughter of Zdzisław Julian Jan Bożeniec-Jełowicki (1846-1893) and Karolina Kępińska (1840 – 1896).

She had two brothers: Stanisław Jełowicki  and Wacław Jełowicki and one sister:  Jadwiga Ciąglińska (? – 1919).

In 1895 she married Kazimierz Pawłowicz h. Przyjaciel and had two children: Krystyna and Bohdan.


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