Krystyna Pawłowicz

Krystyna Pawłowicz was born On December 15th 1896 and died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1971.  She was the elder daughter of Kazimierz Pawłowicz and Helena Jełowicka,  and Bohdan Pawłowicz’s sister.

She married three times. First to Piotr  Olewiński but the marriage was not consummated so it was dissolved and Krystyna returned home. Then, she got married to Mirosław  Szabuniewicz but this did not last long. Finally, she met Aleksander  Hauke-Nowak, with whom she remained until he died in 1956. As he was already married in the Roman Catholic Church, which did not recognize divorce, they made their relationship official in the Polish Catholic Church.

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