The sources for the project come from the papers/photographs my mother kept besides others I have recovered in Poland in April 2013. I have been separating the photographs according to place/time/people/relevance, scanning, translating and filing them according to themes. They will later illustrate stories and pages. In the meantime, they have been grouped here.

Working on the Project


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Suitcase with grandfather's docs I managed to recover in Poland

Bohdan’s Diaries

Pawłowicz kept a record of his life in notebooks and diaries, which he called Silva Rerum or Pele Mele.

Grandfather's Diary Title Page 1944

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Photograph of grandfather's diary (August-December 1944) left behind in Poland in April 2013

Bohdan’s Sketches

Bohdan Pawlowicz used to draw sketches on lined paper while he was working or writing. The subject matter was mostly horses and army characters. Bohdan used to draw these sketches on lined paper while he was working or writing. Very few of them are dated but, according to my mother, all of them were done after World War II, in Brazil and later in the US.  The sketches were first collected by my grandmother, Wanda and later, when Bohdan died, my mother selected some from his papers. I have recovered them from the folder she kept them in,  scanned them and put them on this slideshow grouping them loosely by theme: horses, horses and horsemen, and people.


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Curitiba 1923-1924

Photos of Bohdan’s visit to Curitiba in 1923-1924: his wedding to Wanda and Carnival.

Carnival Time

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Garden City Czerniaków

Bohdan Pawlowicz’s father, Kazimierz, was involved in the planning and building of  Garden City Czerniaków. There he built his own house on Goraszewska, 8, where Bohdan moved with his wife.  Kazimierz died in 1927 and Bohdan’s mother, Helena, continued living in the house almost the end of the war, when the house was burnt by the Germans. Presently, Goraszewska 8 is a square.

City Garden Czerniaków (April 2013)

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houses on/around Goraszewska


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