Translations from Articles in Polish

Most of the articles Bohdan Pawłowicz wrote were archived in the Piasa Archives (Fonds No. 29) of or in the The Pilsudski Institute of America (Archival Fonds No. 8). The ones I have translated from Polish to English or Portuguese are the ones  I have either retrieved from his private papers and files or online when searching for sources. In addition to the original version published (which I saved in pdf) , the translation and further publications (if any), I have sometimes added some comments to clarify the context.

Further and Further South – Original article in Polish: Dalej i Dalej na Poludnie (rozmowy morskie – IV). The original article was published on September 1st 1939 in Gazeta Pomorska, p. 4. Toruń (pdf) My commented translation into English (pdf).

Memories from Childhood – Original article in Polish (pdf): Wspomnienia z Dzieciństwa, published in 1966 in Kronika – pismo dla wszystkich, no. 51/2 page 18-19,  London. Commented translation into English (still being translated).

Letter from Father to Son – Original article in Polish (pdf): List od Ojca do Syna, published on 5th June, 1966 in weekly column Droga Życia in Ameryka Echo. Translation into Portuguese: A Jornada da Vida: Carta do Pai ao Filho  [pdf]
Also published by Casa da Cultura Polonia Brazil in Tak Bulletin number 32 (September/October 2023) (pdf)

Pawłowicz Bohdan, “Nieprawda! Z powodu książki pana Jerzego Szareckiego pt. Na pokładzie „Lwowa” “, Morze  nr 11, pages 10–11 1929.

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