The Diaries of Bohdan Pawłowicz

Provided below is an outline of the seventeen hardbound volumes titled Silva Rerum (SR), handwritten by Bohdan Pawłowicz. Several of these volumes were brought to Brazil from Poland in 2013, while others came from the US in 2015. They encompass Bohdan’s personal diaries spanning from 1928 to 1967. On its initial page, each diary typically includes : its number, dates and locations and in most, the pages coming next are numbered. Certain volumes, particularly those written during wartime, offer a sentence or two with a short contextualization for pivotal moments during WWII. Some hardcovers comprise two or three diaries, featuring illustrations such as newspaper clippings, photographs, and postcards.

Vol. I (1928–1940), 3 diaries
SR 1 (not numbered) starts in 1928 with very sketchy and hurried comments on places visited, people Bohdan met while he acted as Chief Ship Inspector of the Polish Emigration Office (subordinate to the Ministry of Labour and Welfare). Then it documents his voyage on the MS Chrobry, which started on 29th July 1939. The pages of this particular diary are not numbered but they detail his journey aboard as the liner sailed southbound to Brazil and Argentina and then northbound from Argentina up to Recife in August and early September 1939. This diary also describes his voyage on the Fort of Troyon from Recife to France, and includes comments on his arrival in France in October 1939. [View scan of first page]
SR 2 (136 pages) goes from November 1939 to January 1940, recording his trip from Marseilles to Paris passing through Cassis and Compiègne. [View scan of first page]
SR 3 (138 pages) spans from February to April 15th, 1940, chronicling his experiences in Paris, France. [View scan of first page]
Vol. II (April-July 1940), 3 diaries
SR 4 (154 pages) spans from April 15th, 1940, to May 18th, 1940 and is set in Paris. [View scan of first page]
SR 5 (183 pages) covers the period from May 19th, 1940 to June 18th, 1940. [View scan of first page]
SR 6 SR 6 (155 pages) is a two month addendum to SR 5, detailing the events in June and July, which include the relocation from Bordeaux to Scotland following the occupation of France [View scan of first page]
Vol. III (July-August 1940), 2 diaries
SR 7 (160 pages) covers the period from July 18th to August 28th,1940 and takes place in Scotland (Milbank, Douglas, Edinburgh, London, Broughton/Peebles, Lanark, Glasgow). It contains many photographs and postcards.[View scan of first page]
SR 8 (157 pages) spans from August 29th to October 10th, 1940. [View scan of first page]
Vol. IV (October-December 1940), 2 diaries
SR 9(284 pages) goes from October 11th to November 26th 1940. [View scan of first page]
SR 10 (160 pages) from November 27th to December27th 1940. [View scan of first page]
Vol. V (December 1940 – January 1941), 1 diary
SR 11(188 pages) from December 28th 1940 to January 31st 1941 [View scan of first page]

Volume VI contains 1 diary:

  • SR 12 spans from February 1st, 1941, to March 19th, 1941, detailing his stay in London.

Volume VII contains 1 diary:

Volume VIII contains 1 diary:

  • SR 13 goes from March 19th 1941 to May 26th 1941 and is also in London.

Volume IX contains 1 diary

  • SR 14 covers the period from 27th May to August 2nd 1941 in London from the sinking of the Bismarck to the signing of the Polish-Soviet Agreement.

Volume X contains 1 diary:

  • SR 16 (287 pages) spans from November 12th, 1941 to September 27th, 1942, encompassing the period from the failed British offensive in Libya to the Battle of Stalingrad. It commences in the UK (Northwood, London, Plymouth) before transitioning to Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow). Subsequently, it recounts events aboard the ORP Garland while escorting Convoy PQ 16 from Iceland to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk in the Soviet Union in May 1942.

Volume XI contains 1 diary:

  • SR 17 (283 pages) goes from 2nd October 1942 to 27th August 1943. It covers the period from the Battle of El Alamein in Egypt to the capture of Sicily; from the launching of ORP Dzik to meeting with loved ones after 4 years and taking up residence with the family in Rio de Janeiro. Places mentioned: London, Barrow in Furness, Manchester, Cambridge, s/s Zagłoba, Halifax, New York, Jacksonville, Miami, Port of Spain, Belém, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro.