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  1. Krzysztof

    Dzień dobry Szanowni Państwo,
    Bardzo ciekawa historia Pawłowiczów.
    Chciałbym wiedzieć gdzie zmarła Aniela z Pawłowiczów Venordinowa w 1959 roku.
    Byłbym bardzo wdzięczny za szczegółową informację
    Łączę z wyrazami szacunku
    Krzysztof T. Wyrzykowski

    1. bdieu

      Szanowny Panie,
      Dziękuję za komentarz dotyczący historii rodziny Pawłowicz. Niestety nie posiadam informacj o której Pan pyta, gdyż moim jedynym źródłem na temat Anieli jest świadek Vandy Sruogi, który przeczytał Pan na stronie internetowej. Z tego co opisuje Pani Sruoga w momencie pisania o Powyrwiciu, Aniela Pawłowicz Vernordin po śmierci męża mieszkała w Polsce.
      Jeśli przypadkiem natknie się Pan na jakieś dodatkowe informacje i będzie miał wiarygodne źródło, proszę dać znać.
      B. Dieu

  2. Diego

    Hi Barbara, my name is Diego, i am from Argentina. My grandfather Leopoldo came to Argentina from Trieste in MS Vulcania, the first trip of that ship to South America. I don´t have the ticket so i am really touched by the ticket you have posted. He travelled with his daughter, Sonia, at the third class too. They arrived to Buenos Aires at 20 may 1940. In 2020 Immigration of Argentina confirmed the data and i could get some documents signed that day they arrived.

    They were supposed to travel in 1939, in the Augustus, but we don´t know why, they did it next year, just before Italy got into WWII.

    Congratulations for the research.

    1. bdieu

      Thank you, Diego. I am glad that the research I did has also helped you too. It was not easy but I finally got there. I had my mother’s tickets and all and the only thing that was missing was the list, which thanks to recent digitalisation, finally went online.

  3. Anna

    I am looking to get in touch with the family of Hanna Pawlowicz Juzwiak. We are your family in Poland.

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  6. Sue Pavlovich

    Hi Barbara,

    glancing through a trove of names and references I chanced upon a reference to a Pawlowicz marrying Moscicki’s son. That was my aunt Cenia. My grandfather was Wladislaw Pawlowicz. He was an engineer who graduated in Civil Engineering in St Peterburg in 1900. The Pawlowicz family was Polish. My grandmother, Leokadia (nee Fanti) was a student of Music in St Petersburg. My father, Eryk Pawlowicz, was born in Wilno in 1903.
    My parents arrived in Australia in 1949.

    Look forward to your reply,
    Sue Pavlovich (my parents made my name easier for Australians to pronounce).


    If you are the Hanka I think you are, you will understand my greetings and my message in portuguese.
    Nos nos conhecemos em Santos nos anos 40-50 do seculo passado. Desde entao, os vai-e-vem da vida me fizeram navegar do Brasil para a Polonia.
    Resido em Varsovia, meu hobby e’ viajar e todos os anos vou ao Brasil para matar as saudades.
    Looking forward, etc. e tal, abracos, LILA

  8. Andrzej Niemczyk

    Hi Barbara! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Andrzej Niemczyk I was born in 1956 in Gdynia, Poland. In 1980 I graduated from Merchant Marine Academy as Master Electrical Ship Engineer. After working for few years on polish ships in 1988 together with my wife I emigrated to United States and since then we live in Bayonne, New Jersey. Several years ago, as a hobby I started collecting documents about Polish Merchant Marines who after WWII emigrated to USA. What started as a hobby turn out to be now my obsession. At the present time I already have enough materials for couple books. Right now my main interest is focused on Capt. Jan Cwiklinski, former master of polish passenger ship “Batory” who in 1953 escape from Communist Poland and later wrote a book about his ordeal “Captain leaves his ship”. Next venture with Cwiklinski’s involvment was polish shipping company Pulaski Transport Line and ship “Wolna Polska” – which he became Master. After this , maybe little to long introduction I will get to my point. In January of 1956 to comemorate flag raising ceremony on “Wolna Polska” Association of former Polish Seaman issued a biuletin “Ster” and in this publication is printed your grandfather’s text tilted “Wczoraj i dzis”. I suspect that you are familiar with this biulettin and this text. But if for any reason you don’t have this in your archive I will be more than happy to share it with you. And if you during your resurch came across any information about Capt. Cwiklinski I will be very interested to know it. One more piece of information: during WWII in England there was a Polish Merchant Marine school. One of the student was Stanislaw Gutt – who later became a Secretary to Polish Merchant Marine Officers Association in America, his best friend Boleslaw Daroszewski emigrated to Brazil in 1946 and he is 94 years old. If you would like to contact him there is his address Av.Pedro Lodovico 382, Centro Araguatins, TO. , tel.# 633-474-1287. Mr, Daroszewski wrote a book about his live in Portuguese , his hearing is very poor. But I think he could still be valuable source of information.

    1. bdieu

      Thank you for your contact and information, Andrzej. It’s always easier and
      more comforting when you have travel companions on a historical search
      journey. I have sent you a private email.