Family Background

The Pawłowicz

  • The Pawłowicz in Lithuania (January 2014) : Barbara Dieu’s short introduction to the Pawłowicz Family Genealogy + explanation on both translations below:

1. “What I remember about the Pawłowicz” : scan of original (pdf) Vanda Sruoga’s  typewritten report in Polish (date unknown) about the Pawłowicz family + translation into English, done in January 2014.

2. “The Pawłowicz Powyrwicie“: scan of original (pdf)  Dr Vanda Sruoga’s (date unknown) Polish translation of fragments of Lithuanian book, with comments and corrections added by Vanda Sruoga , Edward Pawłowicz and Barbara Dieu. Translation into English done in January 2014.

Bohdan Pawłowicz’s Articles


  1. Further and Further South – article in Polish: Dalej i Dalej na Poludnie (rozmowy morskie – IV), published on September 1st 1939 in Gazeta Pomorska, p. 4. Toruń. [pdf attached]
  2. Memories from Childhood – article in Polish: Wspomnienia z Dzieciństwa, published in 1966 in Kronika – pismo dla wszystkich, no. 51/2 page 18-19,  London. [pdf attached]
  3. Letter from Father to Son – article in Polish: List od Ojca do Syna, published on 5th June, 1966 in weekly column Droga Życia in Ameryka Echo. Original article [pdf] and translation into Portuguese [pdf]